'Killer Heels'       Ink & Wash        
2nd place in 2014 'Female Beauty' Art Contest - 
beaten by a beautiful naked Russian!    Masters Art Academy
 'Killer Heels'      Ink & Wash     (A different view)

 'iHug'         Ink & Wash

 'Genuflexion'       Ink & Wash

 'Killer Heels'               Ink & Wash        (Yet another view)

 'Headlights'              Ink & Wash

 'Main Squeeze'       Ink & Wash

 'Play of Light'        Ink & Wash

 'Backlights'        Ink & Wash

 'Torsion Fran├žais'            Ink & Watercolour 
 'Nude Awakening'              Ink & Wash

 'Light Sleeper'          Ink & Wash

'Trouble Waking Up'                    Watercolour

'BACKLIGHTS'   Ink & wash on paper

'PYRAMID'    Watercolour on paper
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My article on watercolour 

in Australian Artist's Palette this

 month - April 2013 - Issue 120 :

"Caught in a Shower"

"A Resting Figure"
(Art reference per kind favour Max Operandi ) 

"Thinking Outside the Square"

"Bare Skin Rug"

"Queen of the Pose"
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 "Bad Hair Night"    (Ink & Wash)

 "Red Beauty"

"Leggy Girl"

"Take Good Care of Me"

"Cross Purposes"

"Girl with Tattoo"

"Ginger Swirls"

 "On a Pedestal"
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 "Silent Whispers"     (Oooops, how did that pastel get in here!)

 "Bad Hair Night"

 "French Twist"

 "Another Bad Hair Night"


 "Bare Skin Rug"

 (Detail) "Bare Skin Rug"

 "Killer Heels"

 "A Resting Figure"

 "Curled Up Girl"

(Detail) "Curled Up Girl"

 'A Different Point of View'

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 'Watching the Clock'

 'Caught in a Shower'

 'Play of Light'


 'Silent Whispers'

 'In Repose'



 'A Resting Figure'  #2

 'T-Shirt Model'

 'Balanced Life'

 'Walk the Walk'

 'Some Body to Love'

 'Balancing Act'

 'In the Morning Light'

 'Bedtime Story'

'Bad Hair Night'

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