'Killer Heels'       Ink & Wash        
2nd place in 2014 'Female Beauty' Art Contest - 
beaten by a beautiful naked Russian!    Masters Art Academy
 'Killer Heels'      Ink & Wash     (A different view)

 'iHug'         Ink & Wash

 'Genuflexion'       Ink & Wash

 'Killer Heels'               Ink & Wash        (Yet another view)

 'Headlights'              Ink & Wash

 'Main Squeeze'       Ink & Wash

 'Play of Light'        Ink & Wash

 'Backlights'        Ink & Wash

 'Torsion Fran├žais'            Ink & Watercolour 
 'Nude Awakening'              Ink & Wash

 'Light Sleeper'          Ink & Wash

'Trouble Waking Up'                    Watercolour

'BACKLIGHTS'   Ink & wash on paper

'PYRAMID'    Watercolour on paper
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My article on watercolour 

in Australian Artist's Palette this

 month - April 2013 - Issue 120 :

"Caught in a Shower"

"A Resting Figure"
(Art reference per kind favour Max Operandi ) 

"Thinking Outside the Square"

"Bare Skin Rug"

"Queen of the Pose"
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 "Bad Hair Night"    (Ink & Wash)

 "Red Beauty"

"Leggy Girl"

"Take Good Care of Me"

"Cross Purposes"

"Girl with Tattoo"

"Ginger Swirls"